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Holiday Parenting Time

"Why do I have to share Christmas?  It's not fair that I only get to see my kid's face on half of the Christmas mornings!  I'm not doing that"  Holiday parenting time is addressed in almost every parenting time order.  It's important that kids make holiday memories with both parents.  Ideally, parents will work out a holiday plan focusing on what is best for the child , taking into account what  works well  for the parents.  Some parents agree to alternate every holiday., but there are many ways to share holiday parenting time.  For example, some families celebrate every year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is less important to them.  Those parents can agree that the child spends every Christmas Eve at Mom's and every Christmas Eve at Dad's.    Another family may have a family reunion every 4th of July that the child looks forward to every year.   So that parent may take the child to the reunion for a week every July and the other parent would have the first week of August for a special  trip.

 Most Courts have a sample holiday parenting time plan that  parents can work off of to come to an agreement on holiday parenting time.  Click here to see one.  If the parents cannot agree on holiday parenting time, the Court will decide when you get to see your child on holidays.  If one parent comes to court and says "I'd like to alternate Christmases." and the other parent says "No way!  I'm not willing to do that!", who do you think the judge will view as putting the child's best interests first?  It's hard to have to share holidays with your co-parent and it can be challenging to act like the grown up when emotions run high.  We can help you negotiate a parenting time plan that's focused on putting your child's best interest first and takes into account the traditions and holidays that are important to your family.  Click here  to speak to an attorney.

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